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training. it's important for example, that armed vehicles are used more than ford ranger trucks because so much of the difficulty comes from the i.e.d. threat. that said, every day the eafings improve their ability -- the afghans improve their ability in counter-i.e.d. terms. they find similar number of i.e.d.'s to those which we find and their tactics and procedures improve on a daily basis. and of course we train more engineers on a daily basis to improve their counter-i.e.d. overall capability -- capability. there is at the moment no problem with recruiting people for the army and the police force. indeed, the kabul military training center is full of recruits. it's not difficult for the afghans to do it. the trick of course is trying to get to a steady state where we don't have to fill the kabul ministry training center at the rate that we're doing at the moment and these are issues that we work through with the afghans, these are issues that we work in detail in the ministry of defense with, sthees are issues -- these are issues in which the government is involved in. and i think we'r
ford understood is he couldn't become wealthy as a car industrialist unless his employees could buy a car. if you don't pay people the minimum wage, you don't give people -- if you don't share in the wealth, then the economy won't grow. you talked about waste, fraud, and abuse, and i do agree with you on that, there are lots of ways we could cut waste, fraud, and abuse. of course the sequester is no way to do it. just taking a hatchet to the budget and cutting out without really looking at ways that we really could trim the budget and eliminate duplicative programs. thank you for your question. host: the president meets with you on thursday. what do you expect from the meetings? what do you think about the way he's been meeting with other republicans and parties when it comes to budget and spending issues? guest: i think the president can't win for losing. when he doesn't meet with people he's aused of being distant and aloof. when he does meet with us, then he's caving. i know people in my party become very paranoid and upset, he's eating with those terrible republicans. putting us
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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